How to Add and Remove Liquidity

Liquidity is the basis for CDzExchange's Swap product. You can add liquidity for token pairs by staking 2 assets on the Add Liquidity page.
In return for adding liquidity, you'll receive a portion of the accrued trading fees for that pair as a liquidity provider. After adding liquidity, you'll receive CDZ-LP tokens which represent your share in the liquidity pool. You can stake the CDZ-LP tokens in the Playlist farming pools to earn $CDZ rewards!
If you’re new to liquidity mining or yield farming, be sure to first check out the brief explainer on impermanent loss.

Adding Liquidity

To provide liquidity, you’ll need to deposit (“Insert”) tokens for supported liquidity pairs. Choosing how much token to insert for one pair will determine how much token you need to deposit for the other pair based on the liquidity pool ratio, determined by the AMM.
This creates more available liquidity for Swaps. See the How to Swap guide.
In this example, we will add liquidity for imaginary token pairs TAA and TAB.
1. Visit the Liquidity page.
2. Click the Add Liquidity button.
3. For the top input, choose token TAA (token pair 1).
4. For the bottom input, choose token TAB (token pair 2).
5. Enter an amount on one of the tokens under Input. The other token amount to deposit will be calculated automatically.
Note: If it shows “Insufficient TOKEN balance”, please enter a lower amount or obtain the assets into your wallet.
6. Click the Approve TAA and Approve TAB button respectively. Your wallet will ask you to confirm those actions.
7. Next the Supply button will show. Click it.
8. A window will appear showing how much you will receive. Click the Confirm Supply button. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
9. After the transaction is confirmed, you can switch the My Liquidity section. You will see your new LP Token balance as well as your percentage share of the pool. You can repeat the steps above to add more liquidity whenever you like.

Removing Liquidity

To remove liquidity:
1. Visit the My Liquidity page.
2. Choose the pair you want to remove. Click Eject (remove). A new window will appear.
3. Input the token numbers you want to remove
4. Click Approve. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
5. The Eject button will light up. Click it.
6. A window will appear showing what you will receive. Click Confirm. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
7. After a little while you will see your updated CDZ-LP Token balance on My Liquidity page. Your wallet now contains the withdrawn token pairs.
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