How to Stake in the Pre-IDO Launchpool

Up to 400%+ APR for 30 days!
Earn up to 400%+ APR in $CDZ for 30 days by participating in the Pre-IDO Launchpool program. Tokens supported include $CAKE, $BAKE, $DOGE, $BNB, $VENUS, as well as 5 popular LP-tokens from PancakeSwap!
For details check out the Pre-IDO Launchpool Announcement:
Please note that the Pre-IDO Launchpool app is in Beta. By using the app, you accept that you are using this app at your full risk and responsibility. Any losses or damages are your sole responsibility.

Getting Started

1. Go to the Launchpool page here.
2. Connect to your Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet by clicking the Connect to a Wallet button (top right-hand side). A window will appear.
3. Here we show MetaMask as an example. Click MetaMask. You can learn how to configure MetaMask for BSC here if you don't know how to get and set it up.
4. After you connect successfully, then a list of pools will show up. Choose which pool to stake in.
5. Once you choose a pool, click the Approve button. Your wallet will ask you to confirm.
6. After confirmation, the Approve button should now be replaced with Insert and Eject buttons.
7. Click the Insert to bring up the staking menu. A window will appear.
8. Enter the amount of Token or LP token you want to stake.
8. Click Insert. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
9. Once the transaction is successful (typically a few seconds), you'll see the staked amount.
10. You can view how much $CDZ has been earned in real-time.
You can easily add more tokens by clicking Insert.
The whole process is the same for LP tokens. Please note that you need LP tokens from PancakeSwap already in your wallet. See this guide on how to get LP-tokens from PancakeSwap.

How to Eject (Withdraw)

1. You can click Eject to remove staked assets.
2. Input the amount you would like to remove. Note: By ejecting before the end of the launchpool event, you will not be eligible to claim the earned $CDZ.
3. Click Eject.
4. The withdrawn assets are now returned back to your connected wallet. If you wish to stake again before the end of the Pre-IDO Launchpool program, you may do so to continue earning $CDZ again.

How to claim the rewards

When the Pre-IDO launchpool 30 days event is concluded, the Harvest button will be enabled to withdraw the accrued $CDZ rewards.
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