Prediction Game

Predict the price of crypto and win!
Playing only requires 3 simple steps.
Predict: UP or DOWN
Round Locked: The payout odds are set and the final price is determined
Payout: Find out if you’ve won or lost


Players can predict UP or DOWN position and deposit funds during this beginning stage. Vote UP if you think that the price will go up before the round starts or vice-versa. You can choose bets from $5, $20 or set a custom amount.
The odds payout will be dynamically changing during this phase, since the odds are determined by the total deposits placed in the UP and DOWN pools. The final odds are locked in the next phase.

Round Locked

When the Predict phase ends, the prize pool will be locked and the final closing price will be determined by the Chainlink oracle. No positions can be changed during this time. Sit back, relax and wait for the round to conclude!


The moment you’ve been waiting for - find out if you’ve won or lost!
Rewards calculations:
Payout Odds for UP = (Total deposit amount of UP and DOWN pools MINUS house fee) DiVIDED by (Total deposit amount of UP pool)
Payout Odds for DOWN = (Total deposit amount of UP and DOWN pools MINUS house fee) DiVIDED by (Total deposit amount of DOWN pool)

Token Pairs

  • More assets to be added in v2 Prediction Game

Price Feed

Chainlink’s decentralized oracle is used for the price determination of the crypto involved.


1% of the total prize pool is allocated to the Prediction Game Treasury for operations and marketing costs.


  • The crypto market is a raging bull and Alice predicts UP for BNB/USDT.
  • The current market price is 480 BNB/USDT. Alice bets $20 worth in BNB or 0.0417 BNB.
Round Locked:
  • The final price when the round locked begins is 483 BNB/USDT
  • The final pool amount is calculated: 3.0 BNB total for UP and DOWN. The UP pool has 1.3 BNB and the DOWN pool has 1.7 BNB.
  • Payout Odds for UP = (3.0 - 0.03) / 1.3 = 2.28. For every $1 deposited, you can win ~$2.28.
  • Payout Odds for DOWN = (3.0 - 0.03) / 1.7 = 1.75. For every $1 deposited, you can win ~$1.75.
  • Alice predicted correctly and wins a total payout of (2.28 Payout Odds for UP) * 0.0417 BNB = 0.0951 BNB or $45.92 at the time of payout
  • 1% of the total prize pool, which amounts to 0.03 BNB or $14.49 is transferred to the treasury
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