General FAQs

Q1. What distinguishes CDzExchange from other DEXs?

The DeFi market certainly has countless DEXs running on different blockchains. CDzExchange’s DEX is unique in that for one, it is leveraging limitless cross-chain liquidity to create more exposure in trading assets and transacting capital from one platform. This means traders can trade crypto derivatives without the technical constraint of being limited to a single blockchain for accessing capital, assets and derivatives contracts. We are blockchain agnostic.
Second, as a decentralized crypto derivatives (CDs) exchange, traders can leverage up to 100x via margin trading. We are bringing the high leverage capacity only typically found on centralized exchanges to DEXs for a whole new decentralized CDs trading experience. The best of centralized derivatives trading and decentralized CDs exchanges combined.
Third, we are open to all kinds of CDs trading including perpetuals, futures, options and more. We’re constantly expanding our roadmap and we’d love to hear from the community on what other types of CDs are in demand!

Q2. How does CDzExchange strike a balance between speed, cost, and user experience?

We call this the DEX trilemma that’s a deep problem for many decentralized platforms today. Especially on Ethereum, speed is very slow (~15 sec on average per transaction) and gas fees are above the roof (double digit USD, sometimes even hundreds of dollars for complex transactions).
For lesser known DEXs, the user experience is still basic and not as mature as Ethereum based DEXs. The overall process for trading CDs is still complex and not for everyone. We want to make CDs more accessible and less confusing.
To balance low fees, high transaction speed, strong network reliability and relatively good user experience, CDzExchange has chosen Binance Smart Chain as the core DEX layer.

Q3. What are the top features of CDzExchange?

  • Staking to earn $CDZ: Deposit supported tokens in staking pool to earn $CDZ over time
  • Liquidity mining: Deposit token pairs and earn rewards over time from swap fees and $CDZ emissions
  • Swap: Trade BEP20 tokens on BSC
  • Trade crypto derivatives (CDs):
    • Leverages cross-chain liquidity for enabling as much exposure to traders
    • Fully decentralized perpetual contracts with up to 100x margin trading
    • Open to all kinds of CDs trading, including perpetuals, futures, options

Q4. What assets can I cross-chain on CDzExchange?

CDzExchange natively supports BEP20 tokens as part of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. The platform is integrating protocols like Ethereum, HECO, Polkadot and Solana to bridge DeFi opportunities from one platform.
We are open to integrating platforms that align with our mission of enabling lower fees, easier access to diverse cross-chain assets and smoother user experience for cross-chain crypto derivatives trading.

Q5. What is CDzExchange's roadmap and plans for 2021 Q3 & Q4?

Our first beta product is launching in Q3 2021 where users can swap, stake and farm BEP20 tokens. We will also integrate Ethereum as the first cross-chain network. The rest of Q3 will be expanding our core DEX layer with more trading pairs, liquidity pools and supported wallets.
For Q4 we will launch the decentralized perpetual contracts trading feature along with margin trading. This will be a big product launch as we expand our CDs trading offering. And don’t forget, we’ll also be integrating more cross-chain platforms such as HECO and Polygon.
You can view our full roadmap on the website.

Q6. What is the $CDZ token and what is it used for?

The governance and utility token powering CDzExchange is $CDZ, used for various functions including:
  • Liquidity mining rewards for providing liquidity to $CDZ-pair pools
  • Fee sharing to earn a proportionate share of platform transactions fees accrued
  • Staking into single-asset pools to earn $CDZ
  • Discounts on trading fees
  • Initiating and voting on governance proposals

Q7. When is your IDO?

Our IDO is taking place on PAID Ignition. Check out the announcement here.

Q8. Do you have private sale?

Our Private Sale has been oversubscribed! We’re excited to continue our journey with our investors and partners including PARSIQ, DAOventures, Elevate Ventures, CoinUnited, 81/86 Capital and more.

Q9. Can you give an introduction of your team?

We are a group of seasoned DeFi visionaries who are experts in their various fields, who go by the title, “DJs of DeFi”. Not your regular DJs but a group of sovereign individuals with the desire to promote the DeFi space.We use our custom-designed 3D avatars and pseudonyms for the purpose of fun and identifiability.
DeFi is a constantly evolving industry defined by a much bigger force beyond individuals - open accessibility, financial inclusion and FinTech innovation. Hence as the DJs of DeFi, our goal is to promote the overall DeFi space through active engagement and sharing industry insights with the community.
The core team includes:
DJ DeBullz - Team lead and product
DJ Moon Dog - Strategy and investor relations
DJ Sam - Partners and tech integration
MC Liquid - Hype-man, marketing and creative
MC Gas - Marketing and creative content
If you’d like to join the DJs of DeFi, reach out to us by first submitting this form.
Qualified individuals will earn a free custom-designed 3D avatar along with other special perks. Talk to us and find out the details!

Q10. How can I participate before your IDO?

Whitelisting details will be announced and conducted on PAID Ignition. Follow us for the latest info on how to participate.

Q11. Which exchanges or DEXs will $CDZ be trading on?

Our first plan is to list on decentralized exchanges including PancakeSwap and then Uniswap via Ethereum<>BSC bridge. We will subsequently list on centralized exchanges as we are in talks with Tier 1 and Tier 2 centralized exchanges around the globe.

Q12. How is the 72 hours withdrawal fee calculated?

There’s a 2% withdrawal fee of the total harvest when users unstake their assets that are staked for less than 72 hours. How is this 72 hours calculated?
The system starts timing from your latest stake.
For example, if you have staked 200 $CDZ at the beginning, after 3 days (ie. 72 hours), you stake another 100 $CDZ, then the system restarts the timing. When you harvest at that time, there will be a 2% withdrawal fee applied on your total rewards, including the rewards accumulated in the first 3 days.
50% of withdrawal fees will sent to Protocol Insurance Fund (PIF) Treasury, and the remaining 50% will be used for $CDZ buy-back and/or burn.

Q13. Is CDZ Exchange audited?

Yes, CDZ exchange Smart contracts are audited by Hacken and Certik. Check out the audit reports here:

Q14. How do I trust that you won't rug pull?

The official CDZ/WBNB PancakeSwap liquidity pool created by the team is locked via Unicrypt smart contract. No one, not even the team, can rug pull according to the Unicrypt lock mechanism: