Track swap status in fiat price in real time with PARSIQ Smart Trigger

So far we have successfully monitored the swap status of your wallet in real-time. If you are new here, refer to Track swap status in real time with PARSIQ Smart Trigger IQ.
But some may ask, how can they monitor the fiat price of the swap status instead of the token amount in real time? No worry, PARSIQ has an easy solution for you.
You can add customizations in the wizard to show the fiat price of each transaction in Smart Trigger notifications.


After you’ve chosen the addresses that you want to monitor and your transport type, you can now customize your workflow by clicking ”ADD CUSTOMIZATION”.
You can choose from a selection of different customization to apply any logic to what and how you want to monitor, as well as what data you want to combine it with.
For fiat price, you can choose “Add market data” as shown above. This way you don’t need to manually calculate the USD value for the swaps you make, which can become cumbersome over time.
A dropdown list of the fiat data related options will show.
– select market data provider: example: Cryptorank
– select market data type: example: fiat rate in USD
– select what you want to apply to the market data: example: of transfer amount
Finally click ”Start Monitoring”
Now when activity on the addresses selected by you matches the conditions you already set, you’ll receive the fiat price data notification of swaps in real-time through your telegram transport.
Smart Triggers are a powerful blockchain workflow and monitoring tool that can enhance your DeFi life. CDzExchange will be actively integrating PARSIQ’s monitoring technologies natively onto our app as we expand our platform. Stay tuned for updates!