Track swap status in real-time with PARSIQ Smart Trigger

First visit PARSIQ’s website and sign in or sign up for a free account:
After logging in, click ”CREATE YOUR FIRST PROJECT” to begin.
Choose a name for your project. Then you can use the Quick Monitoring Wizard by clicking on “Empty project“. You will be directed to an easy-to-use Quick Monitoring Wizard. No coding required!
In the Trigger page, customize the following:
  • Edit the monitor name
  • Enter your Binance Smart Chain wallet address that you want to monitor
  • Select Binance Smart Chain
  • Create New Transport to choose how you want to receive the trigger notification. See below for an example of how to set up Telegram notifications.
If you finished all the settings, don’t forget to click ”Start Monitoring”.
Real-time data will start to flow to your selected transport method such as Telegram, as soon as any swap happens on the selected wallet address.
  • Track each swap through your mobile telegram
  • Detect any authorized use of your Binance Smart Chain address

How to set up Telegram transport:

Click ”Create new transport”. Then a window will appear:
Follow the sequence: Select Telegram as Transport type, choose message type, and enter the name for your Telegram Transport. Finally click Submit.
Next a QR code will show up and you can scan it to connect your Telegram account and click ”START” via the ParsiqBot.
Or you can click ”Connect Telegram” and connect it via your mobile or desktop client and click ”START” via the ParsiqBot.
Easy! Now you can get notifications for any swaps happening on your BSC address straight to your Telegram for additional visibility.